My name is Susanne and I’m here to guide you on your path towards recognizing and unleashing your potential. Navigated by your true power you can easily walk the distance to your destiny.

My work is based on the following process: healing – joy of life – wisdom of the heart. Unfolding inner potential includes personal development, a part of which is healing any emotional damage from your childhood (formative years). Only if you can identify and remove behaviour patterns that hinder you from being your authentic self, will you achieve inner peace and happiness. This firstly means you gain knowledge of yourself and secondly enables you to enjoy things you are good at doing, which will finally lead you into the state of flowing.

No matter where your are right now, what change you are confronted with, or which challenges you have to overcome, it will be rewarding to choose the path of self-development at any time, leading to the flow of life and enhancing contentment and lightness of being.


Panta rhei!



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„If there is light in your heart

you’ll find your way home.”


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